Sexual Harassment is unwanted advances from a supervisor, someone elses supervisor, a co-worker or a non-employee of the company. The key word is unwanted. It is only harassment if the conduct is unwelcome. Victims of sexual harassment can be men or women, and the harassers may be of the same or opposite sex. It is the employers responsibility to keep their employees safe and maintain a hostile-free workplace.

The following list includes some of the forms that sexual harassment and torment take in the workplace:

  • Verbal harassment Sexual jokes, sexual humor or gender-based humor, sexual propositioning, suggestive talk, sexual insinuations, and so on.
  • Nonverbal harassment Undesired staring, obscene materials, insulting noises, obscene motions or actions, and so on.
  • Physical harassment Undesired touching, rubbing or brushing of the body, pinching, grabbing, confining, assault or rape, attempted assault or rape, and so on.

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