Over 60,000* people in NJ are injured each year in a car crash. A number of those people suffer pain and injuries, which require costly medical treatment and time away from work.  These are all expenses that can be reimbursed to you through having proper representation and filing a claim. If you have been involved in a car accident that has resulted in injuries to you, Law Offices of Patricia A. Eiges, L.L.C. in Hazlet, New Jersey can help make sure you –

  • File a claim quickly and efficiently
  • Have proper representation in a Lawsuit.

We will help ensure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries and the costs of any treatment as a result of the accident. You will receive professional representation combined with the responsiveness and compassion you need during a time like this. We make sure that every client is treated as an individual .

Car accident injuries can range from fairly moderate to very severe.

Back and neck pain is a common occurrence among car accident victims.

Moderate – A temporary case includes minor muscle strains

Severe – A permanent and disabling case of ruptured discs and other similar injuries

Whiplash is also a common type of injury that is often associated with accident can be temporarily painful or cause permanent damage to the neck and/or spine.

Moderate – Temporary pain and lack of mobility

Severe – permanent damage to the neck and/or spine

Treatment options can vary in type and out of pocket to you. In the event that your claim is contested, a personal injury attorney will be essential in obtaining compensation for your injuries. We can give you guidance in terms of making a claim for compensation from the parties responsible for the car accident that led to your injuries.  In most case, we can negotiate a fair and adequate settlement of your claim in a relatively short period of time.  Call today (732)888-9011 to schedule a free consultation.

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