Most people spend the majority of their days at their workplace. Whether it’s a construction site, an office building, a restaurant or at a retail outlet; there’s always the danger that an employee could suffer a work-related injury. Some workplaces are inherently more dangerous than others, but accidents and injuries can take place in just about any work setting, and those injuries can range from broken bones and back injuries to burns, cuts and bruises or any number of serious issues.

Workers’ compensation will protect you…but will it be enough?

In New Jersey, employees are protected at work by workers’ compensation insurance, which will provide them with money to help them cover lost wages and medical bills if they are injured on the job. In some cases, the amount an employee receives will be adequate, providing them with temporary benefits, permanent partial benefits and even permanent total benefits. However, that is not always the case. An employer or their designated insurance company may challenge a workers’ comp claim, putting their lifeline to benefits in jeopardy. The claimant may also disagree with the amount they are being paid, which can create financial issues and additional stress that will need to be dealt with.

What you should do if you’re hurt on the job

Workers’ compensation can be complicated when filing a claim and dealing with several issues that may come up. Accurate information can be difficult to get, creating added anxiety when a person is trying to recover from their injuries. If your claim is disputed, or you feel you are not getting adequate compensation, your best course of action is to retain an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to assist you.

The Law Offices of Patricia Eiges has been assisting employees for many years, helping them to get the full benefits they deserve. In some instances, employees may also be able to file a claim against an employer if negligence is involved. In situations where employer negligence is involved, or an employee is asked to perform work that is dangerous and puts an employee at risk and results in an accident, there may be a strong case to file a separate claim. The Law Offices of Patricia Eiges can be your best ally in making sure you are fairly compensated under all circumstances.

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