Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a critical part of the monthly finances for many families. Without these benefits, a family can quickly fall behind on their monthly obligations. That’s why getting approval is an important part of the overall financial mix for low-income disabled people.

Why you might be denied a disability claim

You must apply to Social Security to gain approval for SSDI benefits. However, there are strict guidelines and there may be many reasons why you might be denied if you file a disability claim.

You have too much income. There are income limits, and if your income is too high you will not qualify for SSDI benefits.

Your disability does not qualify for SSDI benefits. SSDI is a long-term benefit, and if your disability is expected to last less than 12 months or any injuries you have received are expected to heal in a shorter time frame, then you may be denied.

Your disability is based on drug abuse or alcoholism.

You have been convicted of a crime. If you go to jail, you will not be able to draw benefits.

You do not follow your prescribed treatment plan. Any plan prescribed by a doctor intended to help you heal must be followed. All medical records are released to Social Security, and if those records show you did not follow instructions, you could be denied.

Why you should consider retaining a Social Security Disability attorney

A large number of SSDI claims are rejected when they are first submitted to Social Security. Claimants with rejected claims have the right to an appeal which will be heard in front of an Administrative Law Judge. Because this can be an intimidating process, you should consider hiring a Social Security Disability attorney to represent you at your hearing.

An attorney such as Patricia Eiges can make all the difference in whether or not you have a successful outcome from your hearing. Due to her familiarity with Social Security rules and regulations, her knowledge of how to best use medical expert testimony and her ability to work with the claimant’s physicians, Ms. Eiges has built a strong and successful track record of helping SSDI claimants win their cases and start receiving the benefits they are entitled to.

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